Kitchen Exercises: 8 Ways to Keep Fit While You Cook

Burn calories, not dinner

Burn some calories and work those quads as you check on the oven.

Kitchens are usually a place where we prepare calories, not burn them, but that’s all about to change. Although a brief kitchen workout may not result in chiseled abs or a rippling back, it might just neutralize the calories in that cup of ice cream or extra slice of pizza.

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Everyday household tasks like setting the table, washing dishes, and putting away groceries burns around two calories per minute, but this won’t lead to any significant weight loss. However, by incorporating simple, easy-to-do kitchen exercises into your daily meal preparation, it’s possible to burn a few hundred calories before even sitting down to dinner. Based on calculations from, a 135-pound person can burn almost 200 calories by performing 15 minutes’ worth of squats using only bodyweight.

But besides burning calories, strength training protects bone health and muscle mass, improves balance and coordination, boosts energy, and, of course, makes you stronger. A workout routine that starts in the kitchen might just be the initial push you need to sign up for a gym membership or continue down a path of strength training.

Here are eight ways to keep you fit while you cook.

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